Monday, March 20, 2006

A little perplexed - (part two of two)

Here is what made my hair stand on end. Please read the following entry written by this 23-ish year old law student (grammar and punctuation not corrected):
"Profile of A Loser.

I thought about it. It was a passing hello. And to be honest I didn't even recognize you. I gave my usual law school, "Hey how are you" to a first year student and he said, "what's going on?" But it wasn't a first year student and coming out of the Buzz bar was something, not even a person I forgot to remember.

So, it appears everything was for no reason. I didn;t even recognize it on the street. And here is my profile.

A profile of a loser. A profile of you.

A 23 year old, stuck working the rest of his life in a coffee shop. With no chance of ever graduating a real school. Maybe "clown" college sponsored by Mabelline is considered by some non-ficticious. I think it is just pathetic. I mean really.

Someone who always takes. Does not give. Just wants yet can never achieve. Is gifted yet forgets how to use his gifts and somehow always thinks of the next free ride and the next thing. Well, I guess that is some. I guess sometimes people can be so covered up in their own lies and deceit and self-love that they actually start to believe their own bullshit. I guess dreams can be reality.

Suck the life and money and time out of things. When you are done move on. People always say that people should move on. And maybe I'm a real motherfucker ya know? But truth is truth and there is no arguing with results.

But I think in reality you and everything else is just as meaningless as the thousands of other 23 year old nothings that expect everything and do nothing. With your individual want for uniqueness you become lost in the crowd of the truly similar. Trapped inside a maze of ecclectic talentless wastes. Taking from the next one.

That is a true profile of you."

For Pete's sake, where the hell do you even begin to discuss the ridiculousness here? Because "truth is truth" we should all judge those with different talents and opportunities?

This is honestly, without a doubt, the single most HEARTLESS pile of sick judgment I've ever seen. Ever.

This author is young, and in law school. He's not only part of the future by being a young man in today's time, but he's part of the future of applied law. I am truly sick to my stomach at the thought. Do his parents have any idea of what sort of person he is or is becoming?

I'm guessing, that this self-righteous, self proclaimed "motherfucker" lives at home. Has a job, but one similar to an internship, aside from his music.

I'm guessing he's NEVER worked a day in a coffee shop. He has no idea what goes into it, or what on earth people might like about holding that job.

What is most disturbing of all by far is I believe in karma. I believe that what goes around comes around. And if this is how this young man views the world around him and the people in it, I fear for his happiness as time marches forward.

So let’s consider this new proposed definition of a “loser,” shall we? One who:
Takes but does not give.
Wants yet can never achieve.
Is gifted yet forgets how to use his gifts.
Always thinks of the next free ride.
Sucks life, money, and time.

Do you know what this sounds like to me?


I would just love to call the parents of this sad young man who wrote these words for the public and ask them to describe their son, who again, I’m certain lives at home. I bet you that ALL the above would apply. But somehow, it’s different when it refers to the “rest of the world” where each member lacks credentials such as being a “law student.”

Remember this young man’s name, ladies and gentlemen. For there may be a time you need to avoid the most festering of asshole attorneys, and there may be a time when that’s all that will possibly do for you. Either way, you’ll want to remember this young man. He’s clearly proven he fits the bill.


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