Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wow. Not a bad day at all.

I'm getting past the grief, regret, guilt, and all the other unbelievable mess of emotion from losing Oliver.

Today, not only did I run into a long lost friend who I've tried to find through every channel known to humankind, but I also found a contender for a wedding gown. I'm not completely sold on it because it seems a little busy, but at least it sort of fit. (The chest is still tight.)

My good friend Anita, who lived two streets away throughout junior high and high school, got married. Thus changed her last name. Her parents moved from two streets over to Kentucky somewhere. I lost contact with her during my first marriage (from hell) and I've seriously done every google search, looked on classmates and every similar source to find people, and looked in every "phone book" type site. Today, I didn't even feel like leaving the house in the morning. But, there she was in the middle of the mall, and a half hour later I found a potential dress.

Oh, and bought shoes too!

Then we had dinner at Green Lantern. Not exactly healthy, but good. Had a healthy yet recurring debate about dogs with my father. That's a story for another day.


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