Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another good quote...

This spoken by Imperfectly:

"i just listen to the president rattle on and on about how our country should be spreading liberty and freedom to all countries...i.e. iraq and the middle east.
he went on saying that every person longs for freedom.

and then 5 minutes later a journalist asked him if he thought it would benefit children of gay couples if their parents would be given the FREEDOM to get married.
his response :
i believe marriage is between a man and a woman.
next question.

so we are fighting for liberty and freedom in a foreign country.
how can we teach something we dont even practice at home ????"

And it applies to so many things. We have starving people right here. We have ill people right here. This is home of the free and the brave, but a huge number have no health care. Our senior citizens struggle on what little they get from social security, and future generations don't even have that to count on.

But, we are spending millions to rebuild a government in another country. I'm not saying we shouldn't help, or really even that the war is wrong. (Although I do believe that, it's not the point here.) My point is only this: Let's take care of what we have at home, so America is stronger, and then go out and fight evils elsewhere with a stronger and more pronounced vengeance. Maybe not "terrorism" with an undertone of oil money opportunity, but evils that are worth fighting.


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