Wednesday, June 22, 2005

RRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG goes the false alarm!

The espresso bean is NOT, I repeat, NOT, with child.


She has no idea what's wrong with her. The hormones and girly parts are not behaving normally. Something is awry.

Now this is silly, I know, but I'm the teeniest bit sad. It would have sucked, given the timing and all, but there's something so wonderful about the thought of holding your own baby. There was a part of me that was a little excited at the thought. Now that I'm with a normal human being and all, and have been with him for five years, which is long enough in the coffee bean world to know if he meets appropriate specifications as a husband specimen.

I got online and found a woman's clinic that was staffed with MD's and did walk in prenancy testing for $20. Results in a couple hours. Wonderful. Yeah, until I got there and found out it was also an abortion clinic. I had to get through the raving picketers to get in the front door. Here's kinda how it went:

Head Picketer: Miss! Please wait!
Me: Pauses and looks over at this weird guy.
Head Picketer: Can we talk to you?? Please give us a minute before you go inside!!
Me: Why? What can I do for you?
Head Picketer: We want you to know your options! You have options! There's a counseling center right down the road! We'll accompany you there if you want.
Me: Does this counseling center do pregnancy testing? Are there doctors?
Head Picketer: No.
Me. Well, I guess I really do need to go inside then, huh?
Head picketer: Puts down sign and says nothing more.

Now I have a very very hard time with the subject of abortion. I'm not a fence sitter on the issue, but it's still a hard issue. I am pro-life as far as my own personal ethics go. I would never have an abortion. Even if I were raped or in some horrid ungodly situation. If a life were created, I'd raise the child. However, despite being pro-life for myself, I'm pro-choice politically, and pro-choice as far as viewing the grand population covering the earth.

I don't expect that everyone in the whole universe would see things the same way that I would if I ended up pregnant, even in not the best of circumstances. Some women may not have a better choice than to abort. And seeing as they will find a way to do it in a back alley if there are not clean, monitored, available clinics to go to, I guess there really does need to be abortion clinics in the world. Better to have the woman safe and cared for than to lose both the lives of the woman and the child after she takes matters into her own hands and tries to end the pregnancy with common household items.

Given that, I do not believe for ONE STINKIN MINUTE that anyone, regardless of circumstances, needs to abort after the first trimester. And that's even pushing it. I think that 98% of women should be using the morning after pill. The other 2% should be on the table within 1 month. No exceptions. Aborting a full term baby is ridiculous. Take care of the mistake or accident or stroke of really bad luck right away. You don't procrastinate when a human life is involved.

And now, for the biggest reason of all that I am politically pro-choice. Even bigger than my personal view of the big picture that abortions will happen one way or another and need licensed doctors involved. Here it is: the government should not be telling me or any other woman what to do with her body. Period.

I think that everyone should take the time to go out and get a personal education of both sides before making any judgments. If you are pro-life, take a closer look at the lives of the women in countries where abortions are more prevalent. If you are pro-choice, take a closer look at the methods used, how the baby parts look on the way out, and what they do with them afterwards. Always make educated decisions. I respect both sides, as long as folks are using the noggin God gave and thinking it through. If one more person tells me he/she is pro-life because he/she belongs to a church I will go postal. Think, people. For the love of all things holy, think. God forbid you should dismiss the implications society has placed on you and actually evaluate things on your own. How scandalous would that be?

Why do so many posts end up a rant? I must really have pent up frustration with the world. Thank God I have an outlet. Finally.

By the way, I wonder where LucyTattooed is these days? She's not posted... I'll drop her a line.

And with that, I bid adieu, and run to join my fiancee for a bite to eat.


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