Monday, June 13, 2005

Icky day...

Mocha is working on the cars today. He's not happy. It's hot, muggy, and raining. Not a great day to work on cars. But it has to get done... Poor honey.

We emptied the pond in the backyard yesterday, cleaned it all up, and refilled it. I got bit by God knows what. My legs today are blotchy and red and nasty looking. Itchy too. It's horrible.

Yesterday was a really frustrating day. I had so much on my list of planned things to do, and I didn't get most of it done. I had a ton of tutoring to do for one of my sisters, who we'll call string bean, and wouldn't you know it, the other sister ended up needing some serious homework help too. The other sister we'll call chick pea. We're all some sort of bean. So chick pea had some issues with macro economics. So I think in total I spent almost 6 hours on other people's homework. Not that I would normally mind. I'm happy to help. But this week is a crunch week and I really needed to catch up. So I was up late, still didn't finish, and today I'm tired and stressed all at the same time.

Then, I first find out why the city never cashed my check for the tax bill for Grandma's house. What a mess. Good Lord. Then, I find out that a hotel in another state charged my credit card for $502.00. I've never been there. So they search it and find that it was Mocha's doing back in December. They claim that he stayed in December, but for some reason they didn't charge him the rooms at that time, so they are just realizing it now. Here's the kicker... The trip was for work. He got laid off. So there is no expensing this $502 for a hotel bill. It gets charged to the international bank of espresso beans. !@#$%^&*() So crappy.

Okie doke - the rant session is done. Sorry about that.

On a good note, I may have a buyer for my car. My neighbor's grandson needs a car. He called last night. I'll sell it cheap. Money is pretty tight right now. Ugh. He's coming over at 7:30 to see them. That's why Mocha is working on them. Making them all spit shined and detailed pretty. My fingers are crossed that he wants it. Both cars run really well. I had to get a car for my job, so I got a new one with my car allowance, and Mocha bought my Grandma's car. She bought a brand new one to last her through retirement. Her car only had 80K or so miles on it, and the price was right. She basically gave it to us. It was too good a deal to pass up. So the two cars we were driving before are sitting there waiting for buyers. Whilst that same international bank of espresso pays insurance on four cars. Not good. Granted, three are just PL/PD, but still. It's money wasted. Right now we could probably get away with having one car if we had to, but God willing, Mocha will find a new job soon. Fingers are crossed.


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