Monday, June 13, 2005

Good news and bad news

Good news first... the $502 hotel bill was actually expensed back in December, and they just didn't charge the card for some reason. So he did get paid for it.

Bad news last... The $502 still wasn't budgeted to pay now. When that reimbursement check came in December, it was a lump sum payment on the credit card. So I still have the pleasure of figuring out how to cover it now.

And... they didn't like the cars. They were only interested in one of them, and decided against it.

I was mortified to be 7 minutes late meeting the guys to see the car. One of them has a radio in it with a special security feature. If the battery is disconnected, it won't work without the right CD being inserted into it. That way, if it's stolen, it becomes worthless to the theif. So on the way there, I found out that someone had actually disconnected the battery for some reason and suddenly remembered that we needed that CD to let people see that the radio works. We went flying to Target to waste money on a CD that neither of us would want just to make the radio work, and Target didn't even have the darn thing.

Oh - if you screw up and put the wrong CD in 3 times in a row, you are locked out until you contact the manufacturer, prove you are the rightful owner, and get help to reset it. Smart but yet dumb.


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