Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I was running behind.

Literally. I'm supposed to be running five days a week. But I'm a lazy cow most of the time who is too tired to move much less put on a sports bra and some running shoes.

But tonight, I did it. I got off my sorry ass and ran. 2.5 miles. Go me. Then I came home and iced my legs. (Prevents soreness afterwards.)

Peachtree is in a month! Gotta get in shape. At least enough to finish the race and not die on the hot, hilly, southern pavement. Speaking of southern pavement, I have to say that I love the signs people make to hold on the sidelines during the race that say "Git R Done."

Which brings up a funny story. My best friend, who we'll call boiled peanut, since she's a sweet southern belle, used to say "git er done." I had never heard that until she uttered it in my presence for the first time. I thought she was out of her gourd. When I realized it was common in the south, I tried to be svelte and use this expression. However, when the occasion came, I forgoth how it went and said "finish her off" instead of "git r done." Boiled peantut laughed at me. I shall never live that one down. But oh well.

Yes, by the way, boiled peanut is the same person referred to in the earlier post. Crotch gave her a hard time too. Come to think of it, Crotch gave everyone a hard time.


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