Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Christianity and the missing idiot

I'm a Christian, but not a crazy holy rolling one. I have strong faith. But I question the need to "witness" to other people. I think that everyone who lives in a first world country has information available. We can all make our own decisions, and being a Christian, for me, means being tolerant and accepting of all kinds. Most faiths appear to be a basic way of living, congregating, and worshipping a higher power. Whatever works for each person is fine, including not believing in any of it. As long as the decision is thought out.

I once asked a guy I know why he calls himself a "Republican," and he literally shrugged and said he "just always has been." Politics or religion - if you are thinking with the mind you were blessed with and have reasons for your beliefs, you have my every respect. And speaking of politics, I hesitate to call myself a strong word like Democrat or Libertarian, but it appears to be a village in Texas missing its idiot. I voted, and I claim no responsibility whatsoever for this.


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