Friday, June 17, 2005

A word about seat covers:

That's toilet seat covers.

Do most people use them? I don't always because they seem way too thin. There are plenty of public bathrooms that are way too icky to be satisfied with only .3 mm of material between your skin and the bacteria infested toilet seat. For this, toilet paper folded over four times seems more appropriate. A much thicker barrier, if nothing else.

Do you think that seat covers should be privately offered? Where I work, there is a dispenser in each stall. But a customer site that I am always at has one main one in each bathroom and everyone is supposed to grab one and carry it into the stall with her.

So being in such a strange place with sooo many people, I would opt for the toilet paper layers in lieu of the cover, of course. But when I walked past the cover dispenser and into a stall, I got some "looks." Also when I came out to wash my hands. Then it occurred to me - those women thought I had completely forgone the need to cover the seat. Horrifying! I had an inkling to walk back into the ladies room to explain the t.p. layer theory. But of course I couldn't do that. How embarrassing. They thought I followed unsanitary pee practices. Damn.


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