Friday, June 24, 2005

Praying for Boredom

Does anyone in the world realize how badly I'd love to say that I'm simply home from work on a Friday evening relaxing? With nothing to do? Flipping through a magazine or looking at a book? Surfing the web? Killing time?

See, you can't afford to kill any time when there isn't enough of it in the first place.

I have an hour and 35 minutes to have three loads of laundry done, be packed, have a serious pile of tutoring stuff done, and remember to take care of some special parts for work. Now the funny part is, any of the first three items mentioned could easily take the whole hour and 35 minutes on its own.

Well, for five minutes of the hour and 35, I'm sitting here on my ass wishing I had a halfway normal life for just one weekend. I'm on my way to a weekend trip to celebrate the efforts of one of our plants. A nice idea, but it means I'm working ALL weekend. And have no time to collect my thoughts or catch up on anything. All this after working 80 hours. Bleh.

On a good note, it was a way productive day at work. Had a big meeting that went very well. Good stuff.

So my better half has gone to pick up some stuff for the trip. I am sitting wishing to God I could have just a tiny bit of sleep. Just a tiny bit of sleep. My dogs are both sprawled out on the living room floor having just that - a tiny bit of sleep. Oh to be a dog for a half hour. A dog with no worries of work obligations, laundry, and the rest of the whole kit and caboodle. Or even better yet - a cat. They don't care about anything. Not even the mailman or the squirrels in the yard.


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