Sunday, June 05, 2005

Do you have Animal Planet?

There's a neat show on Police dog training. Those dogs are amazing. They look just like my Mackenzie, but she's not quite as, um, well behaved... She starts school in September. I found a great community obedience training organization that does the whole 8 or 10 weeks for $55. It's a must. I can't tell you how hard it is to handle a high strung 100 lb. puppy who just doesn't know what you are saying to her. She was a rescue, so she didn't have a whole lot of training to begin with. We've had her since the last week of February.

Our other dog is past any hope for obedience training. Although, he's a very good dog. He's a Chow chow. 13 years old. Best guard dog I've ever seen. I never worry when I'm home alone. A robber would certainly leave minus an appendage at very least. His name is Hurley, and he and his blue tongue are boss around here when it comes to interaction between the dogs.

So the police dogs on television learn commands in German. I think I'll teach Mackenzie in Spanish. I doubt very much there are many GSD's that know Spanish.

I should mention that my mother, who incidently I'm not speaking to right now, is normally seriously afraid of Hurley and quite hesitant with Mackenzie too. The whole lot of family peeps came over for a BBQ the day before Memorial Day, and she was okay around the dogs. Hurley was very kind to her. He's normally a big talker. He just talks. It's sort of like growling, but his real growl is much more fierce than his conversation. He makes my mother nervous. She is not a fan of large dogs. But he stayed so quiet and sweet. I was very proud of him. It was as if he knew it made her nervous, so he acted different just to be nice. Good boy.

If you have Animal Planet - check out the dogs. Pretty cool.


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