Sunday, June 05, 2005

Procrastination, Tofu, and Scuba

I cannot believe it's almost 9:30. Where has the time gone? I spent so many hours playing on the computer today that I'm actually ashamed. I was just tempted to go into a list-like description of everything that I was supposed to do today and really still have to do tonight. But I digress.

Why does tofu have such a strong stereotype? I have family members myself that won't consider tasting it. They've probably all had it in something or another over the years and just didn't know it, but the thought of eating tofu is far too much for any of them. IMHO anyone who eats beans and eats cheese should have no problem with tofu. Why? Because tofu is made from soybeans, in almost the exact same method that cheese is made from milk. What should gross folks out is exactly where that beef hamburger came from and how it was obtained from the cow. I personally love the taste of red meat. Mmmmm. Especially filet. But seriously, please take the time to learn about how the meat gets from an animals body to the dinner table. Everyone should know this. While your at it, you should all read Fast Food Nation. It is by far the most "must read" book I know of. It will change your life.

No, I don't really have the qualifications of saying that I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat much meat, but I still do eat some. And I don't think I could ever give up fish. Although I've learned a bit about how fishing methods are actually extremely cruel to the fish.

Speaking of fish, anyone out there a scuba diver? I was until I had a class with a really ridiculous instructor who made me nervous. I have not been on scuba since then. I drove home as fast as I could and have never even touched my fins to so much as take them from the trunk of the car into the house. Either my fiance did it or they are still in the trunk.

Time for my evening coffee and to get some work done.

Have a great night.


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