Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome to the Caffeinated World

that I inhabit. Today is a beautiful Sunday. A bit hotter than we're used to up here in Michigan. Oak Park to be exact. It's in the mid 80's today. Gorgeous.

Today I won't post a whole bunch, because I have a heap of crap to do that is a mile or two long. And I want to get my profile done too. This blogger thing has been really easy. (Watch me have spoken too soon, and now it won't work...) I will plan to get a little more creative with skins, but one thing at a time. (To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know what the word "skin" referred to until a bright and kind blogger from Florida mentioned Thank you K.)

If anyone else is slightly HTML and XTML challenged as I am, check out this site! It was pretty helpful to me so far. If anyone knows of better sources, please share.

I'm on cup #2 of plain coffee. It's been a really funny morning. Yesterday I asked my fiance if he would do yoga with me. (We've both been running to train for the Peachtree in Georgia, and we could really both use a bit more flexibility.) He said he would, but not at the gym. Only in the privacy of our own home. (Let me clarify to the general reading public that we are by far not health nuts. His idea of a great dinner is macaroni and cheese and a side of fries. I'm not much better myself. But we're both making efforts, as we have both packed on quite a few extra pounds in the past year and a half and are both feeling pretty crappy.) So last night, as soon as he agreed, I made sure no time was wasted before we headed to Dunhams, which is a discount sporting goods store in MI, and bought our very own cheap yoga mats. I knew I had a "yoga for beginners" DVD at home that I had literally never opened. It came in a gift basket years ago and I just stuck it on the shelf and let it collect dust while I ate chocolate.

Last night he went running and I was busy tutoring until late in the evening, so there was no yoga attempt. But this morning came, and by God I was going to get with the program. I set out the mats, ripped the plastic off the dusty DVD, and got ready to go. I hollered up the stairs and he came down to join me. And that's when the fun started. We are so out of shape it's just ridiculous. We watched this tiny woman fold herself in pretzel shapes and hold poses that we could not even do halfway.... A few times we looked at each other like, "Is she kidding?" It was hysterical. We must have looked like complete asses. Thankfully the blinds were still closed. I'll definitely do it again, but it's going to take awhile before I can actually do it well, if ever. It's only been a matter of hours and I'm already sore from this morning.

My dad stopped by last night in the Mustang. My fiance has a 68' Mustang that my father is kind enough to allow us to store in his garage until we have a home of our own with a garage. Don't picture a really shiny, sexy car. It needs a whole lot of work. It didn't run until late last fall. It's still a cool car, but like I said, it needs a whole lot of work. And being that it will be a major expensive project, it will have to be done in microscopic increments over the course of life. At the rate we're likely predicted to go, the car will be done when he's 92. But nevertheless, we'll work on it over time. The next Mustang project is the floor. It's rusted completely through in the backseat. Not good. Oh well - it's older than either of us so it's entitled to new parts.

Today I'm helping my darling with his biology homework, and studying for a marketing test he has to take tomorrow. We're actually both procrastinating right now. But we're really good at it. ;-)



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