Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The smell of.... roses?

Good Lawd this is exhausting. Tuesday my interview was in a town that is surrounded by nothingness. The town itself is really nice. Extremely affluent town. But it's sort of separated from the next town by cornfields, farms, and grazing cows. Yes, cows. I saw many. No holstein cows though. Those are my favorite. I guess in all fairness I shouldn't say it is surrounded by nothingness. I just happened to enter it from a direction that requires passing through an area of nothingness before you get there. Still, cows.

This morning went well too. I think I rather prefer the position I interviewed for this morning over the position I interviewed for yesterday, but I'll see what materializes. I'm not unrealistic. I may not get a shot at either. And that's okay. There are other things coming to fruition too.

Something very strange happened today. Time slowed down. Go ahead. Raise your eyebrows and think I'm nutty. You might be right. Nevertheless, time slowed down. This is the first day in over five years that I have seriously not had to run as fast as I could to try to beat the clock as time evaporated from my day like steam gets sucked out of a newly opened bathroom door after a super long, hot shower.

I had time to get a refill of coffee after my meeting this morning. Time to organize my papers in the car before rushing off. Time to sit and organize the best way to go about the day. Time to not rush the service people everywhere I went - the bank, cleaners, several retail stores, etc. In fact, I stopped at the mall to pick up some cards I needed, and when I didn't find exactly what I wanted, I didn't have to find an immediate substutite and run out like the fire alarm had just sounded. I even took the time to take a jaunt down to Tiffany's just to look. I had no gifts to buy or any other business there. Just to look. Pleasurable window shopping. It was blissful. And it only took about 30 minutes out of the day. But it was amazing.

I feel as if I've traded my life in for someone else's. Someone who still fits in my clothes and has the same standards for what constitutes a good hair day, but someone who isn't racing the clock every day. And usually losing.

I got a heap of crap done today. And in true standard form, planned on a second heap for the evening. But family called, and I ended up having a glass of wine with my mother and looking through some old pictures. In part, unfortunately, to begin picking things out for bulletin boards for my grandmother. Not a happy thought, but still part of life. And it seemed to help her to not go it alone.

I guess this is what stopping to smell the roses is. Not bad.


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