Monday, November 13, 2006

Week in Review

Only because this week went by faster than I ever imagined it would... I want to take the time to reflect back and see where on earth it went.

Monday - victimized for 20 seconds in mass layoff, then assessed the situation and rejoiced. Drove immediately to the Post bar to join fellow fallen comrades and hung out until nightfall. (Don't imagine a bunch of sloppy drunks sitting around a bar on stools. It was more a group of folks in suits sitting around a large table reminiscing, sharing stories, lifting each other up, and sharing an equal bout of smiles and tears.) Went home, fed the animals, cuddled with the dogs, and went to sleep.

Tuesday - woke up to an eerie sense of detachment. No computer. I turned it in. No cell phone. I turned that in too. No electronic ties to the outside world. Then, I realized how beautiful the silence was. Since my husband was driving back to Michigan that night to vote, I literally had the entire day, until 6:30ish p.m. to be at home and just exist. So I got up, put on Anchorman for background noise, and went to work cleaning up. I was vacuuming the cobwebs out of the ceiling corners of the upstairs bathroom when I turned around to see my sister's head floating in the doorway of the bathroom. I jumped, shook, shouted, and all the other reactions you commonly would have when your silence is interrupted that way, complete with racing heart and headrush. My entire family had parked outside apparently fearing I was dead inside the house. Nice, eh? At 7 we went to vote, then went to dinner to celebrate my parent's 31st wedding anniversary. Before leaving the house, however, I was bombarded with the news of all the people trying to contact me that morning already. I didn't even have a resume prepared, and honestly, though this may sound terribly lazy, I had no intentions of doing it until the upcoming weekend. (And BTW, if you thought that did sound lazy? You haven't worked your tail off for four years, never once using all your measly allotted vacation time.)

Wednesday - Spent the entire day on the phone and Internet. Literally. Then to my parents for dinner. Got a call shortly after getting home - my dad couldn't find his keys to one of my cars. (His is being fixed, so he's using mine.) Searched the house for spares. No luck Told him to get some sleep, and I'd give him a ride in the morning.

Thursday - Learned that I may not be cut out for children after all... Was at my parents at 5:30 am to give my dad a ride to work, then back for coffee with my mom, then took my brother to school at 7, then back to pick him up at 10:30, then to get my dad at 2. Sat in the parking lot for awhile, and eventually called him to see if I was in the right place. Turns out, my mother went and got him, and they each thought the other had called me, while nobody did. Headed over to their place for coffee, and while walking up to their house, my dad stepped out on the porch. I was about two feet away and saw something shiny in the grass. His keys. After my mother had taken the car title to the dealership and had new ones made. Murphy's law....Went out to Dave and Busters for an organized pity party. We had a nice turn out. Then home to bed. Started feeling like I had a scratchy throat and sore sinuses.

Friday - Sicker than a dog. Stayed in bed and search jobs all day. Hardly had a voice. Went out for a bowl of soup when the hubby got home, enjoyed a hot toddy, and headed home for bed.

Saturday - Veterans Day! Thank you, vets! Spent some time with my hubby and dogs, then rushed our chow in to the vet for grooming and a check-up. Headed to a college football game at Ford Field. Eastern Michigan vs. The Naval Academy. (How fitting for veterans day, eh?) There were some serious Navy guys there. Some with hats from serving in Pearl Harbor. It was nice to see them. After that, headed to the vet to pick up the dog, home to drop him off and feed them, and out to the mall in search of the perfect Interview Suit. Stopped at my parents to say hello, then headed home.

Sunday - got up, organized laundry, and headed for the Lion's game early. Saw some friends there. Headed directly to another mall, and successfully found the perfect Interview Suit. It hangs in my closet now. Stopped on the way home for some more of that special chicken noodle soup at the local pub and another hot toddy to combat this horrible cold, and then home to bed.

Today... - Got up, ironed clothes for my man, sent him off to work at 6:30, made some tea, got online, and my dad called to go out for breakfast. Apparently he has the day off in honor of Veteran's Day, so we went to our favorite breakfast spot - and had excellent pancakes. :o) I also got another job call while at breakfast. Now here I am. I'm thinking some ideas over for how to revamp my resume a little, and then I have three places to send it out to. I'm going to relax until 1:30, then get up, clean the kitchen, go get my nails done, and head home to prepare for tomorrow. It will be a very early morning, since this interview is over 2 hours away from home. At least it's drivable, and I don't have to fly there.


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