Monday, November 28, 2005

Here comes a rant...

I don't know the details, but some crazy snarky feud happened online a few moons ago between a group of people down south who, incidentally, all had great blogs. Whatever happened sent at least one of them into a full blown tailspin of terror. I truly don't know the details.

Now suddenly, out of the blue, at least two of these bloggers have disappeared from public cyberspace. And I think that's crap. I don't fault them for disappearing. I'm just frustrated that people can't get along.

Why can't we all just get along?

Despite not knowing the details, it appears that a point in time came when everyone was going to agree to disagree and go separate ways. Then one party seemed to keep appearing in unwanted places and egging the opposition on.

Did anyone hear about the Harry Potter complaints over the weekend? Parents everywhere were upset that the movie was so "dark" and "scary." Um... Hello?

1. The movie is based on the book. If the book is dark and scary, the movie should be relatively dark and scary.
2. The movie is rated PG-13. This means, parental guidance is suggested, and material may be unsuitable for children under 13. This includes a risk of "dark" and "scary."
3. If you are concerned about what your 4 and 6 year old see, take the time to investigate and screen it before hand. Don't pop into the theater with silly expectations and then get upset.

And here is the correlation... People are always complaining about things that they don't agree with or support as though someone has a gun to their heads forcing them to watch, listen to, participate in, and be exposed to whatever it is they don't agree with or support.

Here's a huge newsflash - it's a free country. Not only can you see and experience darn near anything you'd want to - but you can also avoid nearly anything you want to.

This Harry Potter film... for example. People have to physically get themselves into a movie theater when it's showing, then pay money for tickets. This is not a forced activity, like paying income taxes or breathing oxygen. If you don't like the movie, simply stay out of the theater and don't give the ticket counter person your money in exchange for admission. But don't go raving about and ruin it for people who choose to do so and enjoy it.

Same for anything, including websites. I've been on the web a long time, and never, with the exception of those horrid little pop up ads, has any website or blog simply appeared on my screen without my having put it there of free will and specific choice. If I find one I don't like, I simply stop reading and generally don't go back. I don't have the time to write to them incessantly and wage war on their very existence.

I don't like the Enquirer or the magazine Us. So I don't purchase them. I'm still glad they are there for those who enjoy them. I'm not going to raise a stink, write to the publisher, authors, and editors in hopes to change their chosen content or kick them off the retail shelves altogether. How silly.

So my rant, ultimately, is about people who run around and push their thoughts, values, judgments, opinions, and standards onto others. Get over yourself. Whether it's in the 3D world or in cyberland, go find something you do like and quit making a fuss over something that isn't meant to appeal to you anyhow.

And incidentally, Harry Potter was great. If you haven't seen it, you should.


Blogger Barbara said...

Nice rant Bold Espresso Bean. I agree with just about every word of it. My son is 10 and there is no way I'm taking him to see Harry Potter.

Sat Dec 03, 10:10:00 PM GMT-5  

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