Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Phew. Long hiatus.

Where have I been? Good question.

I've been:
dealing with work issues and uncertainty
working my tail off to prepare a piece of property to sell
working my tail off to sell that property
trying to do voodoo with my budget
spending time with my mother who had a stroke in September
trying to plow through my thesis
trying to help my sweetie get through his classes
trying to help my sister with her classes when she needs it
training for the half marathon
running the half marathon
nearly dying in the half marathon
finding out I may have a heart condition (??)
dealing with the stuff related to that
planning the wedding party attendants and getting all the asking out of the way
finding inexpensive wedding vendors
planning the holiday party at work
dealing with politics on the party committee at work
working through a ton of R&D issues on new products that are launching...OMG!!!
trying to keep my sanity
taking M to her obedience classes every week until I couldn't juggle it anymore and we dropped out (what losers we are)
trying to fix up the rental house we're in a little bit and make it liveable
dealing with a few TOOL customers that take up all my time unnecessarily
planning a very large community charity program
this list could go on forever and it really wasn't my intended subject matter, so let's just call the list truncated here.

I'm giving myself a gift. I'm taking the LSAT. I don't care what it costs or how long I have to study. I'm taking it to see if I have a gift that should be used. Well, used in some way better than what I do now, which is a great thing, but not really as stable as I'd love....

In other news, I've really gotten fat. I mean FAT. Fatter than I was last time I decided I was sportin a few extra pounds. No, this is different. This is war. Stay tuned for progress.

If I'm not back before then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and a wonderful first day of the holiday shopping season if you celebrate that too.


Blogger Barbara said...

I thought I was busy.

Sat Dec 03, 10:15:00 PM GMT-5  

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