Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pins and Frickin Needles

Here's my situation... I am a weird hybrid employee. Funky position. Not normal. There are changes happening in management. Big changes. I can't even describe it further than that.

Now here's the deal... The collective executive management team that is in the midst of forming now will be of one of two mind sets. One, they will think that my position and its relative scope and purpose are of the utmost importance for future business growth and sustainability. Or, two, they will think that it's an absolute waste of effort and salary dollars.

I will either end up with a whole lot of satisfaction and opportunity in my position, not to mention a teensy bit of job security, or, I will be calling MARVIN, the automated unemployment system in Michigan. Shit.

Dear God, if I am going to be put on lay off, please let it be after my debt is again under control, I have my home sold, my wedding is funded, and my sweetie and I have gathered a small down payment as well as completed the mortgage process for a modest home that we can call "ours." A modest home where we can host family events, plant a garden, paint the walls, kick the dogs off the couches, have a homebase for charity functions, and spend good time together every day. Love, Taylor.

Sounds like I'm asking a whole lot. I'm really not. All I need are 6 - 7 more months in my chair working my bloomin arse off. 6 more months of employed bliss, and for my home to sell as quickly as possible. Now here's the thing... This whole "management change" as I've called it here, will likely take a good 4 - 6 months minimum to sort out. The odds are stacked in my favor for my time frame in either case, but you just never know for absolute sure.

As far as selling the homestead... Let me just share with the world that I did get an offer Sunday afternoon. I had to reject it. Didn't even bother to counter. Why? Well, because the offer was for LESS THAN I PAID FOR THE PLACE FIVE YEARS AGO. WTF?? I was a bit frustrated. Grrr.


Blogger Barbara said...

Wow - I hope you get to keep your job. Management makes very poor decisions sometimes.

Sat Dec 03, 10:14:00 PM GMT-5  

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