Monday, August 22, 2005

So much to say....

First, I just had a GREAT run. I walked the dogs a mile and a half, then brought them home and hit the pavement. 2 miles. Felt so strong! I think partially because it's a lot cooler today than it has been. I ran just over 10 minute miles without trying. It was actually a very comfortable pace, then I just kept going until I made it home. One of the first times ever that I ran my charted course and actually was bummed when it was overwith. I felt like going more! But I think it's better to stay on track and not overdo it. As it stands, Monday is supposed to be a rest day, so I specifically only did a short run. They are about to get looooonger!

Second, the drama is apparently overwith from yesterday. I don't know all the details. But I guess my sister has decided to leave this boy in the past.

Third, and BEST, my sister is officially a MEDICAL ASSISTANT! Woohoo! So proud! Her first day was great. She jumped right in with both feet and actually helped set up and watch a procedure being done. She got a bit queasy, but the staff was encouraging and let her know that it bothered all of them the first few times they saw it.

Last, I have just made a mistake for the second time. I got married the first time, actually on this very date, August 22nd. When I got married, I thought I was getting more than a husband. I thought I was getting two sisters too. I could not have been more wrong.

Well it looks like I basically did the same thing again. Sweetie has a sister, and I just presumed I was getting another sister and a friend. I wrote about a surprising wake up call back on 8/1/05 when I realized that I had to be careful with what I shared with her lest she twist it around in effort to communicate her own feelings to her bf without actually identifying them as her own thoughts and feelings. (i.e. - she's pissed off to be stuck home with his two children while he leaves town, but after whining to me about it, she goes ahead and tells him that I had a problem with it and thought it was inappropriate. That's about as spineless as it gets. Just stand up and tell him how you feel already! You were pissed off and thought he took advantage of you, and you are the only responsible one! It wasn't hard for her to tell me what she is feeling. Why can't she share it with the man she supposedly loves and plans to marry someday? Sounds like horseshit to me.)

Well it just got worse. Now she's stooped lower than just twisting my words around to suit her motives. Now she's begun to fabricate things to make her own life and relationship look better. She actually told someone that Sweetie and I argue a lot, and it "worries" her. What a bunch of SHIT. Of course, she said this to someone who is gentle with her, and accepting of her choices, but likely skeptical of her relationship. So she has plenty of motivation to dog other peoples' relationships to make her own look better. Yeah. A double income relationship between two adult professionals who have been in love for 14 years is really cause for concern, even if we did argue too much. Whatever.

For the record, we do argue, but just as any other couple does. I would trade our open way of expressing our feelings, both good and bad, to each other.

I'm not even going to confront her. I am so shocked, and I'm just glad I came to understand her true colors this clearly before I do marry into this family. I'm glad I know how she and her mother operate, both together and apart. I'm glad I know this before I have children who will call them Grandmother and Aunt.

And I'm sorry for her. This is hugely her loss, not mine. I was always there for her. Whether she needed a shoulder to cry on, a babysitter, some money, help with legal shit, whatever. I don't see anyone else offering her that sort of friendship. Maybe this is why. Come to think of it, every friend she's ever had that I knew of didn't stay friends with her for too long. Hmm. Sounds like a repetitive case of political drama beyond its worth.

Sometimes the apple just doesn't fall far from the tree, you know?

And so with this, I will emerge into the future with one less dramatic parasite. I will always treat her well. Plan holidays together. But she'll be an obligatory family member, not a friend, and sure the fuck not a sister.

I have just enjoyed some shrimp creole reheated from Fishbones last week. Mmmm. Now I've got the two best dogs in the world lying at my feet. I'm going to run off and do some housework, then settle into bed and do some work.

And if there's time, I'll even finish the pent up rant that burns in my soul about the tree that the apple didn't fall from.

Good night world!


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