Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just what is it about being "southern?"

This is a question for my darling sweet tea and anyone else from the deep south.

What's up with having the identity tag? I spent a bit of time cruising blogs today in attempt to relax enough to think straight, and I'm sooo amazed at how many southern peeps have to use "southern" in their identities. Southern this and southern that. And it's only notable because folks just don't do that in the north. Think it over a second. It's so true. You'll see a blog called "southernbitchin" or "southernsmack" or "southernbelle." Would you ever see a "northernbitchin" or a "northernsmack" or a "northernbelle?" Not a chance. It would just simply be bitchin, smack, or belle. (Likely with some reference to a mood altering substance or illegal activity, such as vodkasmack or pimpinbelle. Just kiddin....)

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the south. I'm heading right back down to sunny Atlanta this weekend, matter of fact!

I just took note of the millionth difference I've found between northerners and southerners. I wonder if someday we'll just all be pretty much the same culture? Doubt it though.


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