Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sudden Torential Downpour


I came home a wee bit early, and let the dogs outside. I went out with them, because the dog who lives behind us was out, and that dog and one of my dogs don't see eye to eye on the fact that there is a fence separating their yards and if each stays on her respective side of the fence, there is peace in the world. We're out there long enough to wave kindly to all the neighbors who are out, bark at all the dogs who are out, pee, poo, and head towards the door. The minute I'd caught up with the dogs at the back door, the previously stunning blue sky turned grey and opened up to dump tennis ball sized raindrops on the world surrounding my house. Instantly. Within about 45 seconds, it was raining sideways.

About four minutes later, it all stopped. Leaving ponds strewn about in any low area of land.

We don't usually get this sort of weather here in Michigan. We usually have rain, or no rain, and it does one or the other for a significant amount of time before it changes direction. Sprinting storm clouds are something I expect to find in Florida, but it's weird to see it here.

And then, no more than ten minutes after the sudden violent spill from heaven, it started raining "normally." That's more like it.

You've never seen ironic until you've seen an enormous 140 lb. shepherd whining and crying to be next to you because she's scared of the storm.


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