Friday, August 05, 2005

Super Quick Update...

My sister has gone in for her shadowing and all that stuff for her job. She's just waiting for them to finish the red tape stuff, like a background check, scheduling her for a drug screen, etc. So it's almost in the bag.

My honeypie is just as close to his new job. He got a few emails and a call now. They are waiting for some paperwork to happen internally before they can extend a formal offer.

I'm a little scared actually. It's starting to seem too good to be true. We'd work a quarter mile from each other, which would be super convenient. We'd make enough to get our house, pay off the rest of our debt, well, except student loans, and pretty much pay cash for our wedding. Then we could easily replace his car with something better and be all set. I think as soon as we buy the first house together, we'll be in a good position. At that point, our bills should be feasibly paid by only one salary in a pinch, so we'll have a lot more security than we do now. Since I don't plan on staying home with a baby, and even if for some reason I had to, you don't give birth spontaneously without the 10 month or so pregancy, we should be able to put a small savings account together too. A "just in case" thing that we've always talked about wanting but never actually got a chance to put together because we owe everyone under the sun money.

I have a very important rant to make later. I just simply don't have time right now. I'll get to it though. If I don't get it off my chest I'll either explode or kill my Honeypie or both. Eeesh.


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