Sunday, July 10, 2005

I should have bought them when I saw them...

I saw the most darling little bridesmaid cards waaay back a year or so ago, and do you think I can find them? I can't. I've been to every stationary shop in three states. I'm gonna have to make them. Ugh. I can't just forego them. They were too cool, and the best part is that they were the kind of neat cards that you could put in a frame afterwards. So I was going to give the cards inside picture frames. Great idea right? Not if you don't buy the damn cards when you see them. Shoot.

I have only asked Sweet Tea to stand up because she's so far away that I had to do it whilst I saw her. That may actually be the only time I'll see her between the time I got engaged and the time I'd need to have asked her by. But everyone else has not been asked because I'm so determined to have these dang cards.


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