Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What a great day.

I feel good.

Lots got done this week already, and it's only Tuesday morning. One of the best weeks I've had going in a long time.

I guess some background info is in order... I finished school last year in December. Then proceeded to do some hardcore tutoring that took just as much time as going to class myself. I did the work full time/go to school full time plus a bit extra for about 4 years straight. Sooo... I literally had closets and cupboards that were not touched AT ALL during those years. I lived on the fly. It had to be done. It was the only way to meet the demands of work, school, and family - simply forget about demands of home, personal stuff, and a social life. It sounds crappy, and it was, but it worked. I managed to keep my career on track, come out with my head above water (albeit barely) financially, and finish my masters degree. So needless to say, I started this year burnt out beyond belief and in the middle of a huge mess. I had just started a new position at the same company I'd been at for awhile, but I was a bit behind, as new positions typically demand a bit more of you in the first few months to a year. So I've been trying desparately to catch up laundry, mending, dry cleaning, and just plain clean up my life. Last night I got through a box of pots and pans, a ton of dishes, made a huge dent in organizing bags and bags of various "stuff," did some laundry, actually cooked dinner, and got some work done. And in the end, I even had enough energy for a shower and a chapter or two of Harry Potter. Not bad, huh? All on a Monday, after a full day of effort at work.

Hey - did you catch that - I actually COOKED dinner. Not only did I cook dinner, but I made it up as I went along. The man ate it. May not have been his favorite dish ever, but he ate it nonetheless. I made quinoa cooked in vegetable stock, stir fried zucchini with spices and parmesan cheese, and chicken. (The chicken was for him, of course, but I did taste three bites of it myself. And didn't like it. My taste for meat is completely gone. Kaput.)

So here's the reward system I'm working towards... As soon as ALL the floors are done, including the basement floor, and the walls are washed at my place that is for sale, I'm getting my nails done and planning either a dinner party or a BBQ.

I wish I knew how to get the man onboard with all this effort. He came home in a humdrum sort of mood last night and proceeded to sit on his butt and watch television and surf the net all evening. I even ran out to get him some ice cream and a package of hohos because he was craving chocolate, thinking that would make him smile and brighten his spirits a little. Didn't really work.

I hope he gets a job offer today. He is still working, but he was hired in as a contract, and that initial contract expires at the end of this week. He's got three things on the horizon. First, the place he's at is allegedly working on making him an offer to stay permanently. Second, he had a phone interview, and two in person interviews for a job that sounds like a great fit, and he's supposed to hear back on that this week. Third, Toyota needs someone in Ann Arbor to do a job that he's completely qualified for, and he sent in his resume through an existing employee. They are apparently looking over resumes this week and next, and will start scheduling resumes immediately afterwards.

I really think the one will pan out that he went through all the interviews for. They put him through a series of tests that I know most people couldn't do.

I was hoping for some sort of sign that things were going to be okay for us. Specifically, I walked down the hallway to grab some lunch yesterday wishing he'd have a stroke of luck. I got my change from the cashier and had a wheat penny in it! How lucky is that? :-) I haven't seen one of those in circulation in years.


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